What we stand for.

Dynamic. Different. Dedicated.

Our process and product expertise gives us the freedom to leverage our ingenuity to create innovations and customized solutions—from individual niche solutions to series production. Agility and flexibility, close proximity to our customers, as well as expertise and a passion for technical solutions guarantee our success.

MöllerGroup EMPLOYEE

Dynamic. Different. Dedicated.

Our corporate structure.

The basis of our success is our corporate culture where the focus is on our employees. Our continuity as a family business, close proximity to our customers, as well as expertise and a passion for technical solutions guarantee our success. The ability to constantly adapt to new requirements and market conditions has set us apart over the past almost 300 years of company history.

Our customers can rely on us to find the right solution with speed, flexibility, and in close cooperation with them, while consistently exceeding expectations. Furthermore, our process and product expertise gives us the freedom to leverage our ingenuity to create innovations and customized solutions—from individual niche solutions to series production.

We are experts who make things possible. Made by people.

Our guiding principles.

Our guiding principles.

The essence of our corporate culture.

Our guiding principles, which are firmly anchored in the Möller DNA, are at the heart of everything we do. They provide us with a clear direction for our daily work by promoting innovation, quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. With our guiding principles, we are able to clearly define and consistently pursue our goals.

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Out of responsibility for future generations.

Our company history, stretching back almost 300 years, is based on passing down corporate responsibility to the next generation. That’s why we also accept responsibility for future generations and want to use our sustainability goals to contribute to a world worth living in.

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Reliability, trust, and continuity.

MöllerGroup is led by an experienced management team that steers the individual business units while always keeping an eye on the development of employees and the interests of stakeholders and the community.

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From copper to plastics.

What began in 1730 with the trading and processing of copper has now developed into a global group of companies and specialists for products and solutions made of plastics, rubber, and metal known as MöllerGroup.

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MöllerGroup Locations.

Supporting you worldwide. Skilled and reliable.

Many roads lead to MöllerGroup companies. But the roads are never long. With our own companies, joint ventures, and cooperations, we operate in many markets in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Locations worldwide

The Möllerstift Foundation

The Möllerstift Foundation.

Commitment and tradition.

Social commitment and support for the common good have been deeply rooted in MöllerGroup since the end of the 19th century. What began with the care and support of the sick and decrepit continues successfully today with the support of interns, kindergartens, and schools.

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We cooperate with the following organizations, initiatives, and associations.

  • German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)

      The German Association of the Automotive Industry represents the interests of its members in dealings with politicians, the media, and social groups. Members exchange views in numerous committees and working groups on all important issues of the industry. MöllerTech International GmbH is a member of Manufacturer Group III – Automotive Suppliers.

      Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (VDA)

  • City of Bielefeld Partners
      City of Bielefeld Partners logo

      To bring the strengths of the city of Bielefeld to the fore in a more consistent and targeted manner, Bielefeld Marketing GmbH launched the “Bielefeld Partner” network in 2015. As part of the network, companies and institutions support brand communication and thus raise the city’s image over the long term. The network includes more than 60 partners, whose commitment enables far-reaching advertising campaigns. The network aims to raise Bielefeld’s profile as a dynamic major city, as the urban center of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region, and as an attractive destination for visitors, professionals, and students.

      Bielefeld-Partner-Netzwerk | Bielefeld.JETZT

  • “Das kommt aus Bielefeld” project
      "Das kommt aus Bielefeld" project

      “Das kommt aus Bielefeld” (“It’s from Bielefeld”) is a project spearheaded by the city’s business development department, which aims to boost Bielefeld’s economy. Around 300 Bielefeld companies are working together with the city’s business development department to increase regional and nationwide visibility. The network wants to show which market leaders, brands, and products come from Bielefeld and also highlight which attractive, innovative, and successful employers the city of Bielefeld has to offer.

      Das kommt aus Bielefeld | Aktuelles aus der Bielefelder Wirtschaft (das-kommt-aus-bielefeld.de)

  • Family entrepreneurs

      The association is the voice of family-owned medium-sized businesses and currently comprises around 6,500 family entrepreneurs from all over Germany. It represents owner-operated companies of all sizes and industries from all over the country, which are characterized by sustainability and commitment to their location. The association is committed to market-based regulatory policies, fair competition, and entrepreneurial freedom, and combines responsibility for the future with tradition that spans generations.

      Familienunternehmen in Deutschland | Die Familienunternehmer

  • Plastics in OWL

      The Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) region is one of the leading plastics regions in Germany. More than 500 plastics technology companies with over 17,000 employees as well as various educational institutions specializing in plastics technology are located in OWL. The association “Kunststoffe in OWL” (“Plastics in OWL”) has been active since 2006, since 2012 in the form of an association, and since 2019 with its own office in Lemgo. Members come from the complete plastics value chain and from numerous institutions and corporations. In particular, the aim is to counteract the impending shortage of skilled workers. As a result, the association’s work focuses on, among other things, opportunities and activities for training and further education.

      Kunststoffe in OWL – Aus der Region für die Region (kunststoffe-in-owl.de)

  • The Henokiens – International Association of Bicentenary Family Companies

      The Association les Hénokiens is an organization of traditional family businesses, founded in 1981, by the Frenchman Gérard Glotin in Bordeaux. The Association is committed to family businesses with a strategic vision and currently (as of July 2023) comprises 53 member companies in Europe and Japan. The Association focuses on longevity and stability. For example, member companies must be family-owned for at least 200 years without interruption and one of the founder’s descendants must head the company or be a member of the supervisory board.

      Les Hénokiens - Association internationale d'entreprises familiales au moins bicentenaires (henokiens.com)