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Stronger together.

Our strength lies in our diversity. MöllerGroup consists of four highly specialized, individual companies that together make an unbeatable team. This structure offers numerous advantages that set us apart from other companies.

A team with expertise.

A team with expertise.

Customized solutions for individual requirements.

MöllerGroup is an internationally renowned corporate group that consists of three independent business units. The Group specializes in the production of products made of plastic, rubber, and metal for various industries. Each business unit within the Group has its own area of expertise, offering customized solutions for individual requirements.

Thanks to our unique combination of technical expertise and products, we are able to offer our customers tailor-made solutions to meet the demands of various industries. With almost 300 years of experience and a broad portfolio, MöllerGroup is a reliable and skilled partner for customers all over the world.

Numbers. Data. Facts.

15 sites worldwide


15 sites worldwide

Active in 5 countries: Germany, UK, Romania, USA, China


Active in 5 countries: Germany, UK, Romania, USA, China

10 plants


10 plants

2000 employees


Around 1,200 employees in Germany and approximately 800 worldwide, of which 500 are located in the USA.

sales of approximately 300 million euros


In 2022 we achieved sales of approximately 300 million euros.
Of this, approximately 70% was attributable to the automotive business unit and approximately 30% to the two manufacturing business units.

suppliers of the automotive industry and also for the mechanical engineering, agricultural, and railway industries


We are suppliers of the automotive industry and also for the mechanical engineering, agricultural, and railway industries.

3 business units


3 business units:
MöllerTech International GmbH
MöllerWerke GmbH
MöllerFlex GmbH

founded in 1730 in Warstein


MöllerGroup was founded in 1730 in Warstein, Germany with headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany since 1762.

MöllerGroup Organizational Structure

MöllerGroup Organizational Structure.

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Your premium partner for the development and production of plastic components for automobile manufacturing.

MöllerTech International GmbH, with 10 international subsidiaries, is the globally recognized premium partner of the automotive industry, specializing in technologically sophisticated and refined plastic components for automotive interiors.

Thanks to the expertise we have acquired over the years, the highest level of process know-how, and our broad portfolio of technology, we create technically sophisticated solutions of the highest quality quickly, reliably, and in close cooperation with our customers in all our international plants, while remaining competitive in terms of price.

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The specialist for protection and cover systems as well as components for guiding and directing media.

MöllerWerke GmbH is a renowned supplier and development partner in the engineering and vehicle industry. The company specializes in protection and cover systems, as well as components for guiding and directing media and is a technological leader in these segments.

Thanks to the development expertise we have acquired over many years, our proximity to our customers, and our deep technical understanding, which always surpasses the norm, we are in a position to quickly, reliably, and fully meet customer requirements at all times. In close collaboration with our customers, it’s how we create customized, functional solutions as well as true innovations that only we can turn into a reality. We always think in terms of alternative or new solutions to ensure real added value for our customers.

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The specialist for flexible moldings and functional parts made from a variety of soft plastics.

MöllerFlex GmbH is a proven specialist in the development and production of flexible moldings and functional parts made of various soft plastics, thermoplastics, and elastomers. We primarily supply the following customer target groups: white goods, trucks, and tier 1.

Thanks to the know-how we have acquired over many years and countless successful developments, we have an extremely high level of solution expertise as well as a deep technical understanding of technologies, automation, and materials. This is how we are able to quickly and reliably create innovative and technically sophisticated solutions for small and large-scale production.

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The successful joint venture in high-performance damper products made from plastic.

MöllerMiner GmbH is a joint venture between MöllerFlex GmbH and Miner Elastomer Products Corp. in Geneva, Illinois, USA. Using TecsPak® technology, we develop, manufacture, and distribute high-performance plastic damper products, among others.

Thanks to the know-how we have acquired over many years, countless successful developments, as well as our deep technical understanding, we find the best and most efficient (damping) solutions for small-scale and large-scale production in the shortest possible time, creating unique and unrivaled products.

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We have always maintained good relationships with our suppliers—and this partnership has proven to be a key factor of our success. The basis of this successful cooperation lies in the open, fair, and cooperative approach both parties take towards their collaboration.

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