From copper to plastics.

What began in 1730 with the trading and processing of copper has now developed into a global group of companies and specialists for products and solutions made of plastics, rubber, and metal known as MöllerGroup.

The path to becoming a global player.

From Kupferhammer to the world stage.

It’s truly quite amazing to be able to look back on a company history as long as Möller’s! Dr. Peter von Möller tells the extraordinary story of one of the oldest family-owned companies in Germany:

"In 1730, the bedrock of the company was laid by Theodor Möller in Warstein, Sauerland, with the trade and processing of copper. In 1762, Johann Theodor Möller acquired the area surrounding "Kupferhammer" (copper hammer) in Bielefeld, Germany. Today it serves as the headquarters of the MöllerGroup, which has become a global player. His vision founded a company that to this day is open to new ideas and always questioning the status quo.

In 1937, the groundbreaking decision was made to process the then new, revolutionary material of plastic. Ever since, the company’s expertise in plastic has grown steadily, both in the production and in the development of highly specialized customer-specific processes and solutions. With openness and the will to evolve, we demonstrate our special skills in implementing special requirements each and every day. Worldwide.”

The corporate film on the history of MöllerGroup was awarded the coveted German Design Award 2019 on November 23, 2018. As representative for the 287-year-old company, Dr. Peter von Möller personally appeared in front of the camera and very openly and emotionally told the story of the company and about his own experiences as an entrepreneur. The film was developed and produced by the Bielefeld agency STEUER Marketing und Kommunikation. From the jury: "A reflective portrait of the company that uses the narrative style of executive Dr. Peter von Möller to captivate the viewer. A perfect image film.”

German Design Award 2019
Dr. Peter von Möller


Dr. Peter von Möller
Shareholder and former long-time managing director of the MöllerGroup

company site "Kupferhammer" in Bielefeld in 1840

The “Kupferhammer” in Brackwede with mansion of 1773, family dwelling, hammer building and bark mill in 1840.

The watermill at "Mühlenschütt“ in Wuppertal-Elberfeld in 1880 where ancestor Johann Möller was ducal mill tenant even before 1601.

Company site "Kupferhammer" in Bielefeld in 1880