Our guiding principles.

Our guiding principles.

The essence of our corporate culture.

Our guiding principles, which are firmly anchored in the Möller DNA, are at the heart of everything we do. They provide us with a clear direction for our daily work by promoting innovation, quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. With our guiding principles, we are able to clearly define and consistently pursue our goals.


A reliable partner with clearly defined values.

Our guiding principles provide us with a clear direction for our daily work.

Guiding principles

It’s not just about products at MöllerGroup—it’s about our commitment to always provide you with the best solutions. Our guiding principles are not just words—they are the essence of our corporate culture and our commitment to our customers, partners, and employees.


We move forward with courage.

Continuous improvement requires curiosity and courage. Because only those who take the road less traveled and dare to try something new can become better. Every day, even on a small scale, not prescribed from those above, but lived and actively implemented by everyone. This is what we mean by "Just do it!". This is how we, as MöllerGroup, move forward with courage.

The WE makes us strong.

Teamwork thrives on mutual trust, openness, and appreciative cooperation. These are our qualities, and they describe how we work together in the company across all departmental and hierarchical levels: with trust, openness, and appreciation. They make us strong and are typical Möller—made by people!

Tradition gives us strength.

We are a global player and a family business with almost 300 years of history. This is extraordinary and has made us successful only because the company has repeatedly realigned itself over the centuries. In this tradition and through an understanding that our history is our foundation, we continue to meet today's challenges and shape the future with innovative ideas. This gives us strength and is lasting in the best sense of the word.

We say what we will do.

Successful action has a purpose. To move forward together we all must know where we stand and what we are working towards. That's why we value open communication and transparency at all levels: by being honest about challenges, keeping each other informed, and standing by our words and decisions. No ifs, ands, or buts.

We do what we say we will.

Trust and security exist when words match actions. That's why we stick to our promises and announcements and communicate immediately if, in exceptional cases, we can't keep our promises. This applies to each other just as it does to our interactions with our customers. This is how we create reliability and build long-term, stable partnerships.

Flexibility is the rule we follow.

Clear guidelines and agreements facilitate cooperation. But just because something is clear does not mean it has to be set in stone. Rather, our strength lies in being able to act freely and flexibly—as the situation demands. This applies to business as well as to work-life balance. In a few words: flexibility is the rule we follow.