Commencement ceremony of MöllerTech Automotive Parts Langfang

On September 20th, a commencement ceremony of our new MöllerTech Automotive Parts Langfang plant was held in Langfang, China. All employees from our Chinese subsidiary as well as other invited guests joined this huge ceremony, expressed their gratitude for the new plant and best wishes for the completion.

Sheila Zheng, general manager of MöllerTech Automotive Parts Langfang (MTCL), clarified that MTCL would have a new office in December 2023 and hopefully everything goes well in this infrastructure.

This new plant will provide almost 10,000㎡ and produce upper pillars for automotive interiors. The production will start in December accordingly.

We are very proud of our Chinese colleagues and wish them a successful completion of the plant and a very good start. We thank them for their excellent commitment and performance on-site.

Employees Langfang