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charging air hoses

MöllerWerke processes exclusively high quality materials. such as:

• high temperature resistant silicone caoutchouc + fluorosilicone

• fluorocaoutchouc as oil barrier

• CR, NBR, ACM (VAMAC) for suction hoses and cooled charging air

• fabric reinforcements such as aramid fibre fabric (Nomex or Kevlar)

Material, material structure, wall thickness and geometry are determined according to the

individual requirements. The technical data for möllerbalg


charging air hoses conform to

the specific motor stipulations.


Elastic connections of charging air lines

• tools for the standard sizes are available

Single wave hose

Utilised like sleeves, but can additionally

take up slight axial and/or lateral movements,

compensation of small constructional

tolerances ranzen

Multiple wave hose with sleeve

• Take up of axial, angular and lateral move-

ments. Pressure stabilisation by external

wire rings. Reduced pressure stabilisation

optionally with internal wire rings. The

movement take up is determined by the

number of waves.

• Connection type optionally possible as

sleeve or as V-clamp; it is also possible to

combine both connection variants.

Multiple wave hose with V-connection

• positive connection

• utilisation under higher pressure


• fixed defined mounting situation

• reduced mounting dimension compared

with multiple wave hose with sleeve

• compensation of larger constructional


Multiple wave hose with sleeve

Multiple wave hose with V-sleeve

Charging air solution

Single wave hose