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Secure air ducts in the complete motor compartment.

Air hoses in the motor compartment

MöllerWerke is a specialist for suction and charging air ducts. Own special production

methods have been developed for these applications, permitting efficient manufacturing

and thus economically attractive design of the desired geometries. Careful production

on our special machines and continual checks ensure constant very high quality of our


We develop the air routing solutions and installation concepts together with our customers.

Consultation of the MöllerWerke specialists already in the vehicle development phase leads

to pioneering concepts that point the way ahead. Thus, knowing the boundary conditions,

the raw, clean and charging air is integrated in three dimensions within the aggregate. This

procedure permits system optimising even before installing the first prototype. As a matter of

course, we always manage the new products until the start of production by our customers.

Production of a wound hose