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Materials: diversified and flexible

Our many years of material and product

development experience as well as nume-

rous special technical problem solutions

constitute significant advantages for the

benefit of our customers.

The following factors are decisive for the

quality of our products:

• The particular application

• The boundary conditions

• The selection of materials

• The manufacturing method

We have our own test beds and a techno-

logy centre. In addition, we can access the

laboratories of the MöllerGroup.

Coated technical fabrics:

• Polyester fabric coated with polyuret-

hane, in various thicknesses

• Aramid fabric with and without coating

• Fabric with anti-adhesive coating

• Rubber coated fabric

• Hybrid fabric

• Tarpaulin material, Trevira high strength,

coated with PVC on both sides

• Aluminium vapour deposited on fabric

• Polyester fabric

Elastomer types:

• CR chloroprene

• CSM hypalon

• NBR nitrile

• ECO epichlorhydrin

• ACM acrylate caoutchouc

• MVQ silicone

• FKM fluoro caoutchouc

• FMVQ fluoro silicone

Other materials:

• Insulating materials (e.g. textured glass)

• Steels

• Aluminium

• molerit



• Polyamide

• Polypropylene

And numerous other materials on inquiry.

Fertigungsverfahren bei MöllerWerke:


Production of a wound hose

Methods: individually planned

and implemented

The MöllerWerke utilise a number of special

production methods which have mostly

been developed by us for industrial pro-

duction of bellows. Machines, systems and

production lines are special plants which

have emerged in the course of numerous

years of experience with bellows pro-

duction. MöllerWerke owns international

patents for many of these methods.

• welding automatons for way covers

• HF welding automatons for bellows

• dip moulding methods and dip

automaton for molerit


• radiation crosslinking

• CNC mould drawing

• manual mould drawing on special


• automated scale production

• automated cutting on plotter, milling

and water jet systems

Research and development at MöllerWerke

The market imposes continually growing demands on us and our products. Therefore

we permanently monitor the market developments and devise corresponding innovative

solutions on the sector of new products, materials and methods.

Modern research facilities are available to our chemists and engineers. Important

CAD systems, innovative experimental technology and continuous online data exchange

between the individual work groups produce efficient application-oriented results.

MöllerWerke – ultra-modern production methods and production

quality on the highest level.

Production methods at MöllerWerke: