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The MöllerWerke

Flexible solutions from a single source.

Production hall

MöllerWerke is a competent development partner for the industry. Under the brand name of



flexible constructional components are developed and manufactured for a wide

diversity of applications. In addition to machine tool construction, special vehicles and railway

engineering, the products from MöllerWerke are utilised in hydraulic systems, pneumatic

systems, electrical engineering, medical technology and in many other industrial fields.

Our customers profit from the direct consultory service on site as well as the long-term expe-

rience and the know-how of our sales engineers. The MöllerWerke offer optimally designed

products, high economic efficiency, constant product quality and unrestricted service. The

own materials development with corresponding released mixtures and material combinations

can fulfil almost any technical requirements.

The close cooperation with our customers and the material and product development in the

house of the MöllerWerke leads to new solutions and new products

Order processing centre