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Rigid and flexible zones in a piping hose

Bend with single piece charging air solutions

• with the same or different connecting diameter

• introduction of waves with additional movement take up

• single piece three-dimensional hose solutions

• minimising interfaces in the charging air system

• limited diversity of parts

Piping hose

• bending radius 0.8 x D

• stability under reduced pressure produced by internal wire spiral

• wire-free and thus non-leaking connection area

• various connection diameters are possible

• connections for maintenance switch and crankshaft housing

ventilation can be integrated

• tools for standard sizes available

• production lengths up to 2,000 mm

Form hose, extrusion mandrel method

• three-dimensional formable

• various connection diameters possible

without fabric insert up to 130 mm, with

fabric insert up to 76 mm

• economically efficient batch sizes up to

50 pieces

Form hose, press and injection

moulded method

• external and internal contour depiction,

e.g. ribs to enhance the stability under

reduced pressure

• economically efficient when large

quantities are required

Extrusion part

Injection moulded form part



suction hose variants

Rigid zone

by additional rubber


Flexible zone

with pre-formed folds